Too Many Waves Go To Waste

Watching the movie Endless Summer, there is a narration saying, “Think of all those waves being wasted.”. In other words, nobody riding them, and they are all over, and great ones in some places. So too is true of course in our day to day lives–chances to earn money, money earned and saved, and of course the help that I’ve received from family.

I once envisioned going as many places in the world that I could to surf , and I’ve went to a few, some more invigorating surfs than others. Of course, I’m new to SCUBA, and I’m going for another dive on Sunday, and they don’t charge me for the most part to go along, but I do need to help support the dive shop, hopefully it’ll stay in Hank’s families and grandchildren’s hands, and Hank is feeling better. I started climbing, and the person I started climbing with decided to go into geriatric mode, and that of course is my first love who’s hand I’ll always hold in the ways that I can tenderly or fiercely to not lose her in a fall.

I know what I can help and use as my lever, so to say, to move the Earth , and that is the single-minded focus of something such as that–yes, I enjoy rugby , yes I do Brazilian ju-jitsu, and Aikido or others I’ve come to know. All can be seen as time wasters and things that don’t put money in my pocket–and they don’t, yet when I had money in my pocket, I was able to generate my own abilities in the direction of making more money, and as you know, now all of that dissipated, by what I now just call, a back to back significant loss–a marriage in which we divorced, and someone maybe I cared about more then I should’ve–and that too was probably too hurtful to me and her because we both left who and what we really enjoyed in life, and for her, as I, we saw just how nice it could be in life. I wanted that for my love when I figured id never see her again. Then social media showed up, and of course, online dating, and I came to know someone I really would’ve never wanted a divorce from, and someone that even if I never married, I’d have only wanted the best for. My now ex-wife, had no shame in her past or her origins, nor should she have–and I’ve taken a lot of shit and shitty comments from quite a few people in my life about the whole fact that she was, is and will always be American, from Venezuela to the South, and where you come from is not a crime, nor punishable by me marrying her–though it sure seems like I’ve bore a lot of the brunt from that from some who haven’t know what some have experienced in their lives—like Chicago or Chi-raq on steroids—though everyone eventually learns to work around it, and the whole idea that a lot of people get that something or someone should be or given the entitlement of a nice life after so much hardship and still is working for the good of her family and that they always be United in this life, and not 5 different countries of the world.

In other words, a lot of people in this country sure know how to take or tell you what they’ve earned, where to buy or sell goods, they certainly don’t know how to really create space for their own, so rarely are they ever going to want to easily create space for people that grew up somewhere different or seems to have or be someone or something they aren’t.

Those who want to live should live, those that want to die should die. It’s that simple, opening my lungs at birth hurt, just as any newborns does, and you know as I do, that’s just generally how it is if we remember back to where it originally started to hurt.

Funny what you think when in quite a few ways you feel that you’re down for the count, and still think of whether to get up or go to a 10 count. Too many waves go to waste, I never want to stay down, face buried in the canvas, thinking about whether I should stay down or get back up. The quicker the better is what I should and gotta do.

To many waves go to waste.

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