Celebrating a Rising Child

When I think about what a gift life is, to be showered with the gift of life in the form of a newborn, it puts so much in perspective. Then one day, they are a full grown adult—spending time with friends, celebrating their 21st year with them, and with utter amazement you look at what a great being A Divine Being allowed to manifest in our lives. That’s the story of my child and children, your child and/or children, and even for those with no children, or who plan not to have them—the phenomenal nature of life and existence because almost mystical.

Not all children have the opportunities to match their desires, some not through their own fault, some because where they were born. Nonetheless, life is a precious gift irregardless of how we feel about its opposite—all because we see with new eyes what our difficulties lead to. If with good motivation, a healthy, happy and content adult, that never loses that sense of wonderment and purpose. Whomever is the child, and whatever their circumstances—we can in our own ways show, share and encourage this growth into adulthood, where that field can become one of their victories and triumphs—even the ones that may not be seen as significant to everyone else.

I was probably, or I always felt, I was more trouble to my parents, yet they never made it as such. Both suffered setbacks in life—yet until various points in my own life, I didn’t. That was the shelter they gave me, and it gave me the time I needed to make the necessary changes in my life to accomplish anything really. My first child never had me in their life the way we consider a normal parent should be in their life, yet in his own brave heart, he told me once, “I never (resented) you not being there.” He understood. In his own way, that it wasn’t that I was up to no good that kept me away from him. I simply chose not to fight his mother—she had enough pains in birth and life—I no longer wanted to compound her pains—which though we knew each other a few years before he was born, I was surely not fully aware of all of her own difficulties.

So what would be a simple aspiration you’d want for a child? That they find people to respect, people that are more important then the money it takes to live; and most important—keep their love close—because in time, that’s the only part of life that really ever works. This in spite of how many marriages and relationships end. To carry love is to carry all that life hands us, because there are more good then bad in this world and upon the Earth—beyond that, proceed cautiously .

There’s so much we want or seek to teach our children, before it’s too late, or early enough so that they can process—study as it were—the obstacles upon our landscape, and how they needn’t be obstacles if we approach them properly. A mother staying up all night with a sick child, a father doing his due diligence to keep a family housed and warm, fed and looking forward to the next horizon—those are elements of love we leave behind for our children to gather. When we no longer lament our difficulties, we leave even greater gifts for those that need love, and are not our children, which they can gather and grow from.

With this I’d conclude, that while many know it’s wrong to hurt or harm others, we also need to remain tuned into where these hurts arise from. Our permission, to make difficulties a reason to give up, clouds our ability to see how positively impactful it is on the lives that embrace the Earth, and shall be even once we have departed. You don’t need faith in it, we see it all around us. It’s only when faith is lacking that we once again need to find that comfort, as we did with our own parents. It works, life works, give it a chance. I’ve learned that more today from my 31 year old son, a bit over 10 years ago—when he acknowledged that the love was never missing from his life and for him, only my physical presence—and best of all—because I wanted life to be better for him one day. May everyday be that not only for him, but for all of you also.


To all mothers, thank you, today and everyday.

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