Forming a True Philosophy: “…of such as this is the kingdom of God.” —Gospel of Mark

It has been said that philosophy is the handmaiden of religion. However, philosophy is something more then this, or not this at all, pendiente upon the perspectives of the reader. The great difference though is in that philosophy is training of the mind in its most basic and even highest forms, yet remains very relevant and practical. As a college professor of mine once said about a certain Nietzsche writing, “It’s a good read.

Philosophy can afford to do that, in a way, whereas religion is ready to make you that wise and intelligent being upon a wholly different timeframe—Now! It always must be now. This is where even today life and lifelong seekers often chose a more spiritual route of living. It’s not my intent to discus religion, though it has created or was created by great and remarkable teachers, respectfully. It’s in how philosophy differs, and yet, religion reveals hints of it even in the words or teachings or manifestations of these great teachers.

It is from the Gospel of Mark that the title was of this blog today was born, “…and of such as this is the kingdom of God.” Jesus was referring to the children that surrounded him. His philosophy, as seen in this quote, is that children, which a pastor can tell you we all are in some ways children in this kingdom—remarkably though, what we really become or are is what “the highest names of the Divine Being” one has, or “of that which one seeks” has offered to fill the void of the Earth with. This is where the kingdom can be, and we are it! So each of us are unique, the peg that fits the hole in the lives of each other. That is one reason that the Gospels bring such peace to so many—it reminds us that there are voids in life, and there are forms that fill the voids. It is phenomenal that we are here! Alive! Reading this! What is so unremarkable is that we often overlook or forget this fact—is that, each of us, and each person that comes into our lives is, in fact, a peg that fits a hole. A form from pure space, that presents itself to the voids that we have in our lives. This is of little difference to when we give carbon dioxide to a tree and a tree reciprocates with oxygen.

Our own parents are this for us (as we are for them). Our friends and family continue to fill this lifelong void, until we lose them—(and may they live long and healthy to the reader of this; and if they have departed, may they continue to live on as we continue to honor or invoke their memories and guidance until the reunion so many hope for)—even people that are momentarily in our lives and then go away are significant. It goes without saying that children, if the reader has any (or any yet) are filling this void for us as much as we create space for them to grow healthy, well and strong. That was why in the concentrated efforts of Jesus, His sharing of a kingdom was of a place of unimaginable joy, laughter, contentment and wonderment. Many of these we lose as we get older, and we need not.

So how does this relate in any way to anything that can benefit the reader today? Every day that we live, breathe, and are alive, and don’t give up or turn away the happiness and joy that can be part of our lives, is a day not only worth living, but a day in which our pegs perfectly fit the holes and voids of our life. No matter how the day turned out, we have tomorrow, if today didn’t go so well, it becomes another day to get it right! It all does fit and hopefully for you the picture continues to come together beautifully and lovingly, and even invite more in to enjoy it with you!



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